Benefits of living in the maritime paradise.

Some benefits of living near the coast, you can directly attribute to our health as well as:

Improves acute and chronic respiratory symptoms: It is clear that the sea has a direct influence on acute respiratory symptoms, since most nasal decongestants are mainly composed of seawater rich in salts and iodine. And it is mainly due to this component, iodine, with high nasal and bronchial decongestant power that causes cold symptoms to be alleviated. Breathing the sea breeze, with a high mineral content and with almost no polluting products, improves the respiratory situation of patients with chronic pathology, while the environmental humidity improves the conditions of the mucus, favoring its expulsion. Thalassotherapy (application of seawater for the treatment of systemic diseases) can improve chronic respiratory symptoms, through exercises aimed at achieving better lung capacity, which condition a better quality of life in chronic patients.

Improves the immune system: Iodine, again, is a powerful natural bactericide that is not only found in seawater, but is also diluted in the sea breeze, producing a significant decrease in infections in the upper, lower and lower respiratory tract. eyepieces. Many studies have shown that iodine deficiency in the body significantly interferes with immunity (our body’s ability to defend itself against disease), as well as in the production of thyroid hormones, and in the genesis of thyroid cancer.

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